Every business starts with a “what if we” dialogue. It evolves into a real business despite what your neighbors, co-workers, and friends tell you. It’s an e-commerce business. It’s drone software. It’s a consumer network, or building on top of the sharing economy. You’re solving a big problem, growing, and need capital. It’s too risky for the banks; friends and family are tapped out, and everyone else keeps saying “it’s too early.” Now where do you go without selling your soul?

We Offer

Your time is valuable and we are not here to waste it. We understand the pressures and pain points of running an early stage business, and leverage our resources to help you grow quicker. Accountants, recruiters, fundraisers, customers, editors, advisors; we will wear every hat you may need.

We provide our capital and our connections to help you find even more. Our partnership is more than just money, but we recognize the impact an infusion of capital has on any growing business. Putting our money in means we are partners for the long haul, through the inevitable ups and down, failures and successes.

We gained invaluable knowledge building our own startups, and investing in dozens of portfolio companies. We have seen and experienced the common mistakes, the best practices, and the late-night shots of espresso. We know what it takes to get to the top of the mountain, and want to help you get there.

We’ve helped launch and grow 40 (and counting) e-commerce, SaaS, and consumer network businesses

ABODO is the easiest way to find your next apartment.

Founders: Alec Slocum, Chad Aldous, and Adam Olien
Location: Madison, WI

AddStructure offers a white-labeled natural language understanding (NLU) platform that Retailers and Brands can use to enable conversational commerce channels.

Founders: Jarrod Wolf and Will Underwood
Location: Chicago, IL

AgLocal provides pasture-raised meats from family farms.

Founder: Nait Jones
Location: San Francisco, CA.

Blitsy is the most modern and comprehensive site for crafters looking to buy the supplies they need to turn ideas into finished projects.

Founders: Ross Petersen, Ryan Petersen, and Katy Weade
Location: Chicago, IL

BuluBox is the health and nutrition discovery platform.

Founders: Paul and Stephanie Jarrett
Location: Lincoln, NE

Briefcase simplifies the experience of finding that first real job.

Founders: Caleb Phillippi and Nick Mallare
Location: Kansas City, KS

Built In is the platform where innovators, founders, events, and entrepreneurs connect in your city.

Founder: Maria Katris
Location: Chicago, IL

Business Exchange is a platform that helps B2B companies find customers and vendors through referrals and reviews.

Founders: Zlatko Turkalj and Toni Milovan
Location: Omaha, NE


Cosmic Cart is the Universal Shopping Cart for the Web.

Founder: Alex Adelman
Location: New York City, NY

DivvyHQ helps content teams create, plan, and deliver exceptional content marketing.

Founders: Brock Stechman and Brody Dorland
Location: Kansas City, MO


DonorPath helps nonprofits fundraise better through their fundraising insights platform and expert solutions.

Founder: Brian Lauterbach
Location: Chicago, IL

Fooji is a platform that allows brands to deliver real-world experiences to their customers and fans, leveraging social media and on-demand services.

Founders: Gregg Morton and Erik Zamudio
Location: Lexington, KY

HuntForce turns trail camera photos into dynamic hunting strategies.

Founders: Ryan and Jim White
Location: Omaha, NE


InfoChimps provides cloud services making big data actionable.

Founders: Joe Kelley, Flip Kromer, and Dhruv Bansal
Location: Austin, TX

Inventables is driving the digital manufacturing revolution, simplifying the path from idea to finish product.

Founder: Zach Kaplan
Location: Chicago, IL

Leap.It provides real-time, social search in a visual and engaging interface.

Founder: Mike Farmer
Location: Kansas City, KS.

LearnCore helps companies train sales reps, onboard new hires, manage certifications, provide scalable coaching, and virtual role playing.

Founders: Vishal Shah and Ethan Linkner
Location: Chicago, IL

Lockr gives coaches tools to better track, organize, and measure their practices and game prep.

Founder: Raymonn Adams
Location: Lincoln, NE

Luxury Garage Sale is an upscale consignment brand specializing in stand-out designer clothing, shoes and accessories.

Founders: Brielle Buchberg and Lindsay Segal
Location: Chicago, IL

mySidewalk empowers organizations to make better decisions using simple data analysis and mapping tools.

Founders: Nick Bowden and Nathan Preheim, CEO Stephen Hardy
Location: Kansas City, MO

PathFinder Health helps autism therapists cut administrative time and focus on helping their patients.

Founder: Jeff Blackwood
Location: Kansas City, KS.

Phone2Action powers the advocacy movements that are changing the world.

Founders: Jeb Ory, Ximena Hartsock, and Patrick Stoddart
Location: Washington, DC

Popular Pays is a platform for brands & social media creators to connect and collaborate on content.

Founder: Corbett Drummey
Location: Chicago, IL

Realvision is an immersive media technology company that builds 3D media solutions for the real estate industry.

Founders: Bofei Cao, Bryn Erickson
Location: Minneapolis, MN


RoundPegg helps companies identify, manage, and grow culture.

Founder: Tim Wolters
Location: Boulder, CO

Shiftgig hooks you up with thousands of available shifts at some of the largest sports stadiums, coolest concert halls, and hottest companies in town.

Founders: Eddie Lou, Jeff Pieta, and Sean Casey
Location: Chicago, IL

TripleSeat helps restaurants, hotels, and venues effectively book and manage their events.

Founder: Jono Morse
Location: Boston, MA

Viirt takes the pain out of replacing your roof, saving you time and money in the process.

Founder: Josh Davis
Location: Omaha, NE

Vine Street Ventures invests in graduates of The Brandery, a seed-stage accelerator focused on building brands, not just products.

Founders: Dave Knox, Rob McDonald, and JB Kropp
Location: Cincinatti, OH

Wide Open Spaces is “Where Hunters Want To Be”; an outdoor entertainment media network.

Founder: Denis O'Dwyer
Location: Austin, TX

XOR Data Exchange helps organizations optimize and monetize data by giving transparency, accountability and control back to data owners.

Founder: Mike Cook
Location: Austin, TX

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Check-In with Dundee VC

Posted By: Greg Beaufait

Each month we send out a newsletter to our investors, potential investors, co-investors, friends, and colleagues, letting them know some... read more»

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