Each month we send out a newsletter to our investors, potential investors, co-investors, friends, and colleagues, letting them know some of what’s happening in our portfolio. Sometimes we get caught up in the day-to-day and, when taking a step back, it’s really amazing to see what our companies accomplish month to month.

On to the review:

Phone2Action Seeks VP of Sales: Join the Team Here

Phone2Action is looking for competitive, high-performing people to expand their team. Click here for a list of open positions, or apply for the VP of Sales position today.

ABODO: Demand for Rentals Rise While Vacancy Rates Plunge

ABODO releases their national rent report for July 2016, showing that demand for rentals continues to increase while the vacancy rate is at the lowest level seen since 1985.

MySidewalk Creates New Ways to Gather Community Feedback

MySidewalk introduces a new way to share maps and collect community feedback. By configuring new features for maps, MySidewalk enables users to tell compelling community stories by using data.

Built In Asks What “Startup” Means to Inventables

Built In interviews Zach Kaplan, Founder and CEO of Inventables, to discuss what being a startup really means. Among Inventables’ answers, you can read the responses of four other successful technology startups in Chicago.

Techstars and RoundPegg Discuss Growing Startups

To address some of the biggest challenges for startups, Techstars sits down with RoundPegg to talk tips on growing your startup. This is the first article in a series of three Q&A excerpts for an AMA on hiring, culture, and recruiting.

Phone2Action Praised as Cost-Effective Advocacy Platform

After Hubbell Communications states that digital advocacy has become one of the most powerful marketing tools in the 21st Century, they praise Phone2Action’s digital grassroots platform as a must for those on a shoestring marketing budget.

Greg Reports Indianapolis Companies Think Big

Greg travels in Indianapolis to capitalize on the momentum from the city’s booming technology community. In this interview he states what sets Indianapolis startups apart.

InvestorPlace Turns to Mark for Thoughts on Twilio IPO

Twilio’s IPO is creating a lot of buzz, but InvestorPlace warns investors to be weary of the pent-up demand from lack of recent tech IPOs. Mark gives his insight on the topic.

Mark Attends Colorado Venture Summit

Mark joins the 2016 Colorado Venture Summit alongside 60 Venture Firms and 60 Venture-Backed CEOs. This year the event is expected to bring over 400 Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, and VC’s together in Denver, Colorado.

Bulu Expands Workforce to Make Room for Bulu Marketplace

Silicon Prairie News interviews Bulu to discover more on how the team is expanding to 23 people as well as shifting from Bulu Insights to the Bulu Marketplace platform.

Phone2Action Teams Up with Facebook to Change the World

Embarking on their mission to provide civic technology to corporations, associations, and nonprofits, Phone2Action is adding social good developers to the mix after partnering with Facebook.

ABODO Picks 2000 Millennials’ Brains to Find the Most Desirable Cities in the U.S.

Millennials are often a misunderstood generation. ABODO set out to break down Millennials’ priorities by finding the top 20 qualities desired in a city.

Greg Takes a Ride in an Uber for Their Newest Campaign UberPitch

During UberPitch, Greg listens to pitches while taking an Uber ride in Downtown Omaha in attempt to prove that ideas can come to you from anywhere.

Why Amazon Has Consumer Investors Bemused and Confused

Good Read: Breaking VC article on Amazon’s efforts to take over the entire retail industry. Ezra Galston presents a thorough case against Amazon for readers to analyze.

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