Dundee Venture Capital invests $250,000-$750,000 in high-growth, early-stage technology companies. We will invest across industries in founding teams we believe in, but shy away from life sciences and hardware. We like to invest in what we know. For that reason, most of our investments are in e-commerce, B2B SaaS, or consumer networks.

We aren’t just about funding startups. We want to build lasting partnerships with our founders. We choose opportunities based on our belief in the business and the founders alike, so we’re there every step of the way. Sometimes what we have to offer is tough love. Other times we’re a trusted resource. But every time, we’re your biggest supporter.

We also like to keep our money in the Midwest. From Boulder to Kansas City and Chicago to our hometown of Omaha, we invest in startups from a region that’s equally as innovative but historically ignored.

Our Philosophy

We like the niches other investors think are too small to develop. We like passionate, push the chips to the middle kind of founders. We want to add value, not take control. And we want businesses that excite us, where we can get our hands dirty.

Let’s get started

Things you may be wondering

How much of my company will I have to give up?

We don’t want control of your company. Our objective is to align ourselves with your vision and offer the support needed to achieve your goals. Every deal is a little different, so we lay out a simple structure with no bells or whistles. If you can explain it to your grandmother and it makes sense to her you have the right structure and value. We realize that a few percentage points of ownership on the front end could mean a lot, but our aim is to start every partnership with a win-win investment where both sides are happy.

What if we need more money?

We love to add additional capital. We reserve additional capital for follow-ons in every investment, and are quick to step in when we really see our companies taking off. If a larger round of funding is needed, we have relationships with Series A/B investors and beyond that want to see new, profitable growth stories. They know us and trust us. If we send them an opportunity, they know it’s legit.

I need an NDA before I will show you my business.

We don’t sign them. Our reputation is our primary asset. We aren’t in the business of stealing ideas. Share only what you feel comfortable with.

How does DVC add value?

We have been on both sides of the startup desk. We leverage the knowledge gained from being operators at startups and the experience of having made over two dozen investments in the space to put you in the best position to succeed. We’ll tell you the mistakes to avoid.. even if you won’t listen. We’ll make connections, help you fundraise, or establish metrics to track, and be on your board – or just let you run. And before taking our money, you should call the founders in our portfolio and hear it directly from them.

Do you use a lot of buzzwords and analogies?

We need to be on the same page and singing from the same hymnal. The hope is to hit one out of the park, but we will also experience a few bunt singles and ground rule doubles. Once we leverage our synergies, though, we will think way outside the box.

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