We believe in entrepreneurs with a great pitch, a strong vision and the tenacity to achieve their dreams. Our experience and perspective from both sides of the startup desk mean we can offer the capital and the knowledge you need to succeed.

In a nutshell, we learned by doing. We’ve been there. We’ve done it. We want to help you do it too.

Meet the Team

Mark is an entrepreneur to the core. After selling colorful moccasins to college girls, popcorn to grocers, being an investment banker, and cofounding GiftCertificates.com, he cofounded Hayneedle, Inc. in 2002 – an online home product retailer based in Omaha. Hayneedle sold to Jet.com in February of 2016, and Jet.com then sold to Wal-Mart in August for $3.3B.

While Hayneedle’s growth was swift, it still needed cash to scale. Venture capital firms across the country were calling Mark, but he couldn’t get a dime of risk capital in the Midwest. A roadshow in California gave Hayneedle the exposure Mark needed to secure funding from two of the country’s top venture capitalists, Sequoia Capital and Insight Venture Partners.

Mark knew of other rapidly growing businesses in the Midwest with incredibly talented founders, great ideas, early traction, and no investment capital to fund further growth. He couldn’t sit and watch from the sidelines.

So in 2010 Mark founded Dundee Venture Capital to invest in companies at the earliest stages and to mentor startups as they ramp up their growth.

Mark has built a team around him to find, invest in, and work with the most talented tech entrepreneurs throughout the Midwest. Mark will have you know that he is the six-time defending Manager of the Year in the Beer & Pretzel Hockey League (it’s serious business).

Beth joined Dundee Venture Capital in 2013. Her diverse experience, which includes teaching spirited middle schoolers, working at every level of three startups and a successful stint at the FBI, allows Beth to blend problem-solving abilities with essential people skills – qualities rarely possessed by the same person.

Beth was the twelfth employee at Hayneedle. It was there that Beth learned how to grow and build a company, as the business launched dozens of new product websites every month. Following a move to the East Coast, Beth received an MBA from Georgetown and worked for the FBI where she formed a leadership development program for the Bureau before returning to Omaha in 2013 to be Dundee Venture Capital’s first partner and its principal portfolio manager.

Her unique perspective is integral in helping young startups through their growing pains and on to becoming promising enterprises. Beth works with several of our Fund II companies, including Phone2Action, PathfinderHI, DivvyHQ, and Bulu.

Beth loves the flexibility and energy of working with startups, and has four kids whose favorite lullaby is the Notre Dame alma mater.

Greg joined Dundee in 2013 and now leads our team’s efforts in Minneapolis. Greg first spent a year as an intern with Dundee Venture Capital, analyzing potential investments, revamping our investor reports and creating a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking system for investors.

After graduation from the Heider College of Business at Creighton University with degrees in Financial Analysis and Economics, Greg joined the team full-time in July of 2014 and manages recent investments including ABODO, Costello, and Realvision. Greg knows well how to help startups navigate from the seed stage to Series A funding and beyond, and is instrumental in communicating with our own investors. Greg also created and oversaw Dundee Venture Capital’s 2015-2016 AngelList syndicate.

Greg is an avid traveler and hopes to have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro by 2020, which he acknowledges is probably easier than building and scaling high-growth tech companies.

David joined Dundee Venture Capital in 2016, bringing to the team over 15 years of varied investment, operations and legal experience. Through his prior role managing Lakewest Venture Partners, David formed an extensive network of start-up entrepreneurs and other participants in the start-up and venture capital world, especially in Chicago, making 27 investments from 2010 to 2015, largely in Chicago, out of a $3M Fund.

Now, David identifies and executes investment opportunities in Chicago and surrounding markets. His experience in day-to-day company operations and strategic planning efforts aid David in providing relevant insight to Dundee Venture Capital’s portfolio companies. David is fantastic at helping portfolio companies drive outcome, whether it be on the management side of operations or connecting companies to gain additional exposure to follow-on investments.

David graduated cum laude from Harvard University in 1997 with an AB degree in Government, and went on to earn his JD degree from the Northwestern University School of Law in 2002. David is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, and yes, he flies the W.

John joined Dundee Venture Capital in 2017 after 23 years of building and exiting three businesses. After getting kicked out of his first sales job, John built and sold his first company, AlterBen, Inc. – a regional employee benefits brokerage firm. Next, he launched COBRA Outsourcing Company, which became the largest stand-alone COBRA and direct billing administrator serving over 4,000 employers nationally, before exiting to a strategic buyer in 2007.

Like all entrepreneurs, John didn’t stop there. He founded Benaissance in 2007, a cloud based advanced billing solution for benefit administrators, insurance carriers, public and private insurance exchanges and governmental entities. Benaissance exited in 2015 in an $80M cash transaction.

John lives and breathes the start-up journey, having built companies in partnership with investors and by brute force bootstrapping. John’s gift for de-risking a founder’s journey, leveraging his experience to aid other founders in their own leap of faith, is a big addition to our team of entrepreneurs and operators, and he helps many of our portfolio companies work better with their boards and investors. John knows where the landmines are, knows the shortcuts and loves building high quality companies who deliver amazing outcomes.

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